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Solutions to improve traffic flow and safety

2024-06-06 16:15:52

If you operate a business with a lot of foot traffic, then improving the efficiency and safety of the flow of people is your top priority, and high speed doors can solve your concerns.

High-speed doors play an important role in commercial properties, helping owners save on energy bills, keep employees safe, and increase workplace productivity. Many businesses rely on these doors to operate properly, especially in temperature-controlled environments. Below, we'll discuss how high-speed doors can improve traffic flow and enhance building security.

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High-speed Door Definition

First, let's define what high-speed doors are. They primarily serve as barriers to commercial properties and are often found at the entrances of large commercial buildings, such as revolving doors or other forms of high-speed doors. They are usually motorized and have high cycle capabilities, meaning they can be opened and closed frequently.

Business Need for High-speed Doors

Commercial property owners need doors that can open and close quickly, especially in high-traffic areas. High-speed doors can handle up to 100 door openings per day, and most come with remote controls for easy remote operation. This design helps manage customer traffic, prevent traffic jams, and ensure smooth operations within the facility. Business owners need rolling shutter doors or sliding doors that are spring-free and can move quickly throughout the facility. Use rolling shutter door security locks to cover your sliding doors.

Advantages of Interior High-Speed Doors

Increase Security

One of the main benefits of quality high-speed doors is that they improve the security of your commercial property. To keep your company safe, you have to keep track of everyone who enters your facility. High-speed doors have fast opening speeds, ensuring that only authorized people can enter exclusive areas of your building. Use roller doors to cover the entrance to your store, parking lot, or warehouse to further improve security during off-hours. Some high-speed doors don’t even have rubber between the slats, preventing the possibility of intrusion. In addition, most high-speed doors are transparent, allowing you to see everyone who walks into your building. Therefore, it is difficult for thieves to surprise you. Owners of high-speed doors can remotely access their doors through a mobile app or remote control; therefore, you can require authorized employees to enter your building using a remote control or key card.

Reduce Energy Costs

Another side benefit is that since high-speed doors can open and close quickly, they can help you reduce energy costs. If your doors are always left ajar, your HVAC system will have to work harder. As a result, you will consume more energy than necessary.

Improve Traffic Flow

Another benefit of high-cycle doors is that they help improve traffic flow in your commercial property. When many people are roaming around your building, you need a door that can be easily operated to give your employees and customers the best in and out-experience. If you install a traditional door in a commercial property with high foot traffic, it is bound to cause major traffic jams. Your customers must be able to enter and exit your building quickly and easily.

Improve Workplace Productivity

When your employees can move freely around the workplace, they can save time and maintain positive morale. As a result, they can be more productive every day. You want your employees to make the most of their time at your commercial property. Interior high-speed doors improve the traffic flow in your building, allowing your employees to make the most of every day. Additionally, if you work in a manufacturing plant, interior high-speed doors are essential for delivery trucks. Seamless operation allows trucks to enter and exit your building quickly. Prioritizing accessibility in your warehouse will keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Low Maintenance Costs

Interior high-speed doors require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean. A properly installed high-speed commercial door will provide nearly 30 years of excellent service. One of the most attractive features of interior high-speed doors is that it can re-install derailed curtains. With other types of doors, you would have to call in a professional repairman or use power tools in such a situation. However, industry-standard high-speed doors can be repaired on your own. In addition, there are many unique components and tools that you can add to your interior high-speed doors. For example, you can install heating materials on both sides of the door to prevent ice from forming in the winter. In addition, the push-pull technology ensures that your door will not wear out. The rubber characteristics of high-speed doors are durable and can help reduce your energy costs.

Choose the right high-speed door model

Choosing the best high-speed door for your business requires the following considerations:


High-quality high-speed doors must be reliable in emergencies, such as fire stations and hospitals. Institutions such as fire stations and hospitals need doors that can open immediately. Reliability is one of the main components of high-quality high-speed doors. Institutions such as fire stations and hospitals need reliable fast-opening doors. If the high-speed door of an emergency center fails, it can mean the difference between life and death. Therefore, you must do thorough research on high-cycle door companies to determine which companies you can trust with the highest reliability. Check the customer testimonials section of their website to see what customers say about their high-performance door models.


High-performance doors should be able to withstand up to 100 openings and closings per day, and the quality of the materials and accessories determines their durability. The durability of high-performance doors depends on the materials and accessories used by the manufacturer. Most heavy-duty indoor and outdoor applications use rubber to ensure durability. Many high-speed rolling doors can withstand extreme environments, such as high and low temperatures. In addition, they require little maintenance.


Business owners should look for a fast-opening door that can meet the needs of their building. Choose a door that fits your specific needs, such as a model with modest features for doors that don't require extreme speeds to close. For example, if you don't work for an emergency service company such as a fire station, you don't need to spend a lot of money on a door that closes in five seconds. Instead, you should think about what you want from a high-performance door. If you want a durable, high-performance door, you should choose a springless design system. These systems offer features that allow your commercial door to withstand 500,000 openings and closings.

Buildings Suitable for High-Speed Doors

Many properties can benefit from high-performance doors.

Fire Stations

Public safety departments need fast-opening and closing doors to ensure the rapid entry and exit of emergency vehicles. Businesses that serve public safety departments rely on smooth operations to quickly exit their property and provide greater accessibility to their services. In addition, public health facilities need doors that open quickly and are highly reliable. Ambulances and fire trucks need to be able to leave the station almost instantly. Therefore, they need a high-speed product that is suitable for extreme environments. Typically, fire chiefs look for a high-speed door that can open in less than five seconds. In addition, fire stations need a safety door that minimizes the amount of outside air that enters the building to maintain its energy efficiency.

Food Processing Plants

Food processing plants also need industrial doors to maintain their efficiency. Food processing plants must store their products in temperature-dependent buildings. For example, meat must be stored in cold rooms before being sold publicly. In addition, manufacturing companies need high-speed doors to accommodate the large number of production trucks that arrive to enter the plant quickly. Therefore, plant owners need a high-speed door that minimizes disruption to their daily work.

Retail/Grocery Stores

Similarly, grocery stores also use high-traffic doors to maintain a controlled, cool environment for food storage. Retail and grocery stores receive new inventory every day. Therefore, delivery trucks need to quickly enter the storage rooms of these stores. High-performance doors are the best way to achieve this. A constantly cool environment ensures that the produce remains fresher for a longer period, ultimately resulting in more sales and less waste. A retail or grocery store requires a lot of energy to maintain a continuously cool temperature to accommodate the products, customers, and employees. Therefore, these facilities require high-performance doors that open and close quickly. Both interior and exterior applications can help improve the efficiency of rolling doors.

Many industry types can benefit from the installation of low-maintenance, high-speed metal doors or doors made from other materials:


Parking facilities

Auto dealerships

Car washes

Government buildings

Refrigerated storage

Industrial commercial door costs

Like most high-end products, the price of high-performance doors varies by brand, features, and materials. Keep in mind that high-performance doors that can withstand extreme environments have a higher initial cost than other commercial doors. However, you will gradually begin to see a significant return on your investment. You should recoup your investment through savings on energy bills, savings on employee wait time, and savings on depreciation expenses. A reliable, durable, high-speed metal door will be one of your best commercial investments. Plus, you can add features to the door each year to make it more efficient.

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Invest in High-Speed Metal Doors

A full range of high-speed door applications is the best solution for many commercial buildings. Research he differences between rolling, overhead, or industrial doors to find the best high-speed door for your commercial building. Installing a high-speed door requires focus and planning, and these doors don't take long to install.

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At CHI, we know that people care a lot about their business. Therefore, we can match you with the door model that best suits your business. We also have perfect after-sales service, so you have no worries during the purchase and use period. If you need it, please click to contact us immediately to get the most comprehensive information.