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Advantages of PVC high speed door

2024-06-05 17:47:32

Whether it is a factory, warehouse or food processing plant, PVC high-speed door can provide significant benefits to various places. As a new type of industrial and commercial door, PVC high-speed door has been widely welcomed for its speed, efficiency, and versatility.

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1. Improved productivity

PVC high-speed doors can significantly improve productivity. These doors are designed to maximize productivity and application range. Compared with traditional roller shutter doors that take several seconds to open, PVC high-speed doors open and close quickly at a speed of about one meter per second, thus reducing waiting time.

Especially in commercial places where doors need to be opened and closed frequently, the opening and closing times of traditional doors will affect productivity. The fast opening and closing function of high-speed doors allows employees to enter and exit in a very short time, thus greatly improving work efficiency.

2. High durability

PVC high-speed doors are not only reliable but also of excellent quality. They are designed to withstand the impact of external factors such as bad weather. Their durable materials and spring-free design make the doors resistant to natural wear and tear, extend the life of the motor, and are suitable for repeated movement and continuous use in various industries.

In addition, PVC high-speed doors usually do not require frequent maintenance. Even if maintenance is required, these industrial doors typically take less than 15 minutes to repair, making them ideal for busy industries.

3. Enhanced Security

Security is an important consideration for all commercial and industrial sites. PVC high-speed doors are an effective barrier to unauthorized entry due to their quick opening and closing characteristics. Their durability is matched by speed, providing optimal security for the site.

To ensure reliability and security, you can choose double-layer aluminum PVC high-speed doors and models with draught locks. These doors not only prevent unauthorized entry but also protect against accidents and bad weather inside and outside.


4. Excellent energy-saving effect

PVC high-speed doors are not only suitable for exterior applications, but their many internal features also make them a good choice for commercial or manufacturing companies. High-speed doors are more energy-efficient than rolling shutter doors, helping to prevent energy loss between indoors and outdoors, keeping the air clean, and reducing energy bills.

These high speed doors can also help keep indoor and outdoor HVAC systems in optimal condition. They save energy by reducing heat and cold loss. For example, high-speed doors with four-side sealing can minimize the loss of heat and cold air, making them ideal for freezer or cold storage applications.

5. Optimize airflow control

In addition to reducing heat and cold air loss, PVC high-speed doors also excel in airflow control. They effectively reduce the ingress of dust and debris, making the air cleaner, thereby improving accessibility and health and safety for employees.

Designed like an airlock, these doors prevent the ingress of harmful substances and reduce the overall maintenance requirements, making them ideal for sites that require a clean environment.

6. Improve site safety

The spring-free design allows PVC high-speed doors to provide high security while ensuring fast passage. For manufacturing or pharmaceutical companies, high-speed doors can ensure the safety of employees and customers.

Most PVC high-speed doors are also equipped with high-performance safety features, such as clear vision panels, tight seals, and no-touch safety edges. These design features can significantly reduce the risk of collisions and injuries.


7. Extend service life

PVC high-speed doors are durable and have a much higher return on investment than other types of doors. Since the emergence of industrial doors as their predecessors in the 1980s, today's PVC high-speed doors have been widely used in various sites, and their low-maintenance and high-performance features have enabled them to have a service life of up to 10 to 20 years.

8. Aesthetically pleasing

Besides functionality, PVC high-speed doors also offer a wide range of aesthetic options. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors to ensure that they not only perform well but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your location.

Suitable businesses and applications

While many businesses can benefit from PVC high-speed doors, if your business does not require frequent opening and closing of doors, this type of high-speed door may not be the best choice. Businesses that are suitable for installing PVC high-speed doors include:

Clean rooms

Storage facilities

Parking lots

Fleet garages

Government buildings

Transportation and distribution centers

Large grocery stores or supermarkets

Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals

Food and beverage processing plants

Automotive manufacturers and service providers

Choosing the Right PVC High-Speed Door

To ensure safe and efficient operations, it is essential to choose a quality PVC high-speed door that meets OSHA certification standards. Investing in a well-designed high-speed door model will not only provide optimal functionality but also ensure employee safety and avoid the risks associated with using low-quality doors.

PVC high-speed doors are the first choice for industrial and commercial sites due to their speed, durability, and versatility, providing an ideal solution for a variety of application scenarios.

At CHI, we know that people care a lot about their business. Therefore, we can match you with the door model that best suits your business.

Whether you are a store with a lot of traffic or a warehouse that wants to protect valuable materials or requires a stable environment, you can find the PVC High-Speed Door that suits your business here. Each high-speed door we produce has a wide range of external and internal applications. We also have perfect after-sales service, so you have no worries during the purchase and use period. If you need it, please click to contact us immediately to get the most comprehensive information.