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Mechanical Dock Shelter Fully Automatic High Speed Dock Door Seals

  • Open Style: Automatic
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Package details: Cartons, Pallets,Wooden case
  • OEM/ODM Availability: OEM/ODM
  • Delivery Time: 7 days after prepayment
  • Loading Port: Shanghai or ningbo port
  • MOQ: 2 Sets
  • Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, L/C, Credit card

Product Detail

Mechanical Dock shelter
Being wind-proof, rain-proof, dust-proof, and air-blocking, Mechanical Dock shelter play a very good role in sealing the space between vehicles and warehouses. They are widely used, The length of top drapes can reach 1000mm, and with warning strips on one side, the width of side drapes can reach 600mm, to effectively reduce the inconvenience caused by vehicle height differences. A pull spring that can seal is designed in the mechanical door seal to lead the truck automatically resets through the pull spring after leaving. lt is well-performed,easy-installed, and consumption reduced.



Top Drape

Side Drape

Material of Frame

Air lmpermeability




Aluminum alloy





Aluminum alloy





Aluminum alloy





Aluminum alloy


Note: Please refer to customization for other specifications.

Features & Benefits

● Protective Performance: The mechanical dock door seal exhibits excellent protective capabilities, effectively thwarting external environmental elements such as wind, rain, and snow from infiltrating the vicinity.

● Energy Efficiency and Eco-friendliness: With its tightly engineered design, the mechanical dock door seal minimizes temperature differences between indoor and outdoor spaces.

● Versatility: Tailored to various dock dimensions and operational requisites, mechanical dock door seals cater to a wide array of loading and unloading activities, accommodating trucks, container carriers, and similar vehicles.

● User-Friendly Operation: Equipped with an automatic or semi-automatic control setup, the mechanical dock door seal ensures hassle-free operation, allowing swift opening or closure in response to situational demands.

● Enhanced Safety Features: Engineered with safety at the forefront, mechanical terminal door seals incorporate anti-collision mechanisms, emergency stop functionalities, and other safety features, prioritizing the protection of workers and equipment.

● Tailored Solutions: Customizable to meet specific client requirements, mechanical terminal door seals can be personalized in terms of size, color, control systems, and more, ensuring optimal satisfaction and functionality.

● Competitive Edge in the Market: Capitalizing on the enumerated advantages, mechanical terminal door seals secure a formidable position in the market landscape, offering unparalleled benefits and value propositions to discerning customers.

● Robustness: Crafted from robust, high-strength materials, mechanical dock door seals boast remarkable durability and resilience against adverse weather conditions.

Why Choose Us

● We are a professional manufacturer with 12 years of experience.

● We will recommend the most suitable rapid door for you based on your usage scenario

● High-quality motor to ensure product quality

● The track is 2.0mm, the box is 1.2mm, powder coating, not spray paint

● Obtain perfect products at extremely competitive prices according to your specifications.

● We also provide delivery prices for rework and various shipping options, ensuring you receive the most economical freight costs.

● Offering comprehensive one-stop services.

● We guarantee a response within 24 hours (usually within the same hour).

● All necessary reports can be provided according to your needs.

● Committed to wholehearted customer service, we refrain from making any false promises to guide you, fostering strong client relationships.

Feedbacks From Our Clients

The Mechanical Dock Shelter is a device used to create a sealed connection between a truck and a warehouse door. This device is usually made of flexible materials, such as polyurethane or polyester fiber, fixed to a metal frame, and its position is adjusted by mechanical means to accommodate trucks of different sizes. Mechanical dock-blocking devices play a vital role in the warehousing and logistics industry. It plays a vital role in improving operational efficiency, protecting the safety of goods and personnel, reducing energy consumption, and helping companies comply with regulatory requirements, so it is widely used and favored.




Proper packaging is crucial, especially for international shipments that pass through multiple channels before reaching their final destination. Therefore, we pay special attention to packaging.

CHI uses different packaging methods according to the nature of the product, and we can also use corresponding packaging methods according to customer requirements. Our goods are packed in a variety of ways including: Cartons, Pallets,Wooden case.

For Mechanical Dock shelter, we generally transport them through sea freight. 

If customers have special needs, we can also transport them through other methods.



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