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High Speed Door High Quality High Speed Spiral Door

  • Open Style: Automatic
  • Door Material: Aluminum alloy plate,Foam,Galvanized spray,Stainless steel
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Package details: Cartons, Pallets,Wooden case
  • OEM/ODM Availability: OEM/ODM
  • Delivery Time: 7 days after prepayment
  • Loading Port: Shanghai or ningbo port
  • MOQ: 2 Sets
  • Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, L/C, Credit card

Product Detail

High speed spiral door
The high speed spiral door is a specially designed door that opens and closes quickly. Its main feature is that the door panel material is stronger and more durable. Compared with traditional soft materials, such as PVC or polyester fiber, the door panels of high speed spiral doors are usually made of hard materials, such as aluminum alloy or steel. This design makes the door more resistant to wind pressure, durable and safe and is suitable for environments that require higher safety standards and more frequent use, such as large industrial plants, parking lot entrances, etc.


1. Running speed: opening speed 0.8-1.2m/s, closing speed 0.6-0.8m/s.

2. Hard fast door size: aluminum alloy

3. Hard and fast wind resistance: level 9~12

4. Dacromet screws, track thickness 2.2mm, aluminum alloy thickness outside the door panel foam 0.7mm.

5. The foam density of the door panel is 50 kg.

6. If the width exceeds 4.5m, a row of hinges will be added in the middle.

7. Material: aluminum alloy and stainless steel, usually aluminum alloy material, door panels are all aluminum.

A. Aluminum alloy hard fast rolling door: the door panel is made of aluminum alloy plate + foam, and the orbital turbine and other parts are galvanized and spray-coated;

B. Stainless steel hard fast rolling door: The door panel is made of aluminum alloy plate + foam, and the orbital turbine and other parts are made of stainless steel.

8. Track type: 310mm track and 260mm track

9.Track types: circular spiral guide rail, elliptical spiral guide rail and low lintel guide rail. The appropriate track is mainly selected based on the space above.



1. Standard configuration: quick door scroll, track, aluminum alloy door curtain (excluding window), photoelectric induction (also called infrared control), motor, control box (button control), airbag, radar geomagnetic remote control, etc.

2. Optional: rope control, grating control, motor cover, reel cover, aluminum alloy strip window (PC board), black small window, etc.


Product Details

The surface of the high-speed door body is very smooth, so all moving parts are strictly European, Full standard(DINE N12604) design.


Spiral circular contact accumulative orbit, when the curtain is rolled up no contact with each other, the cur materials are never worn, no deformation, there is low noise during operation, and fast speed.


High-speed drive motor by frequency converter and microtreatment machine control. If the power goes out, it can pass through.Manually manipulate the internal tension structure to open the door


A fully transparent strip can also be kept clean and transparent for many years. The strip is modular and can be replaced at any time strong wind, high sealing, low noise, etc..Performance is unmatched by other products.



Features & Benefits

● High-Speed Opening and Closing: Hard high-speed doors feature fast opening and closing speeds, often within seconds.

● Save energy: Due to their fast opening and closing speed, hard high-speed doors can effectively prevent the loss of cold or hot air, helping to maintain a stable indoor temperature.

● Strong durability: Hard high-speed doors are usually made of high-strength materials, such as aluminum alloy or stainless steel, with good durability and corrosion resistance.

● Safety: This type of door is usually equipped with a variety of safety features, such as infrared sensors, safety light curtains, and emergency stop buttons, to ensure that accidents are avoided during door operation.

● Improve air quality: Hard high-speed doors can effectively block dust, pollutants, and insects from entering the room, thereby improving indoor air quality.

● Reduced Noise: Due to their rapid opening and closing, hard high-speed doors generally produce less noise, reducing the impact of ambient noise compared to traditional doors.

● Strong adaptability: Hard high-speed doors can be customized and designed according to customer needs, and can adapt to various door openings of different sizes and shapes, as well as different application scenarios.

● Improve efficiency: Generally speaking, the characteristics and advantages of hard high-speed doors can improve the efficiency of production and logistics operations, and reduce waste of time and resources.

Why Choose Us

● We are a professional manufacturer with 12 years of experience.

● Thicker materials are selected to ensure product quality. The thickness of the track is 2.2mm, and the thickness of the aluminum alloy outside the door panel foam is 0.7mm.

● Analyze your usage scenarios and recommend the most suitable rapid door for you.

● Multiple style control methods.

● High-quality motor with a low failure rate.

● Obtain perfect products at extremely competitive prices according to your specifications.

● We also provide delivery prices for rework and various shipping options, ensuring you receive the most economical freight costs.

● Offering comprehensive one-stop services.

● We guarantee a response within 24 hours (usually within the same hour).

● All necessary reports can be provided according to your needs.

● Committed to wholehearted customer service, we refrain from making any false promises to guide you, fostering strong client relationships.

Feedbacks From Our Clients

High-Speed Spiral Door is a modern and efficient door design. Its design is different from traditional rolling shutter doors or swing doors. It adopts a spiral opening method and can open and close at a faster speed. Mainly Used in industrial, commercial, and airport locations such as industrial environments, commercial locations, laboratories and pharmaceutical factories, transportation hubs, etc. High-speed spiral doors have important application value in various environments such as industrial, commercial, and public places. They can improve efficiency, save energy, enhance safety, and bring better experience and environmental control to users.

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Proper packaging is crucial, especially for international shipments that pass through multiple channels before reaching their final destination. Therefore, we pay special attention to packaging.

CHI uses different packaging methods according to the nature of the product, and we can also use corresponding packaging methods according to customer requirements. Our goods are packed in a variety of ways including: Cartons, Pallets,Wooden case.

For High-Speed Spiral Door, we generally transport them through sea freight. 

If customers have special needs, we can also transport them through other methods.



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